Invest in a World Class Content Management System


Your content management system is an important asset and should make your thoughts easy to get out and accessible to the world

We used to be content with our ignorance. If we were dumber about what we spent on marketing we could avoid the guilt and responsibility that comes with knowing whether our money actually generated revenue.

Once we started connecting and the internet became smarter about people’s behaviors, then we could not stay in the dark any longer. It was no longer business as usual with only emotion to sustain our consciences.

The amount of activity that occurs from our ability to connect on a screen, whether via a keyboard, tablet or mobile phone is simply mind blowing. Everyone is connected and can find what they want from simply searching or finding out what their friends recommend.

A business that stands on the sidelines and is not tuned into each and every step of what their buyers are doing is at a disadvantage to their competitors that do have marketing systems that are dialed into what their customers are doing before, during and after their buying decisions.

The world is not turning back.

Marketing used to be vague, expensive and exclusive, but necessary. The big companies had the budgets, distribution and relationships to broadcast their message to captive audiences.

Now, a solo freelancer, small business or startup can influence and drive their own marketing funnel with powerful systems that tap into the connected nature of our economy.

We are researchers, experimenters and users of many different technologies, both off-the-shelf and custom built. Our years of success and failure can serve anyone seeking to put the right systems in play that will help their business grow.

Thus, it is critical to be present online with strong content and have a world-class content management system.

A World-Class Content Management System

A person that visits your beautiful web site will not return after their entertaining experience is over. Entertainment is great for a moment, but not for building engagement and connection with someone who is clicking around the internet with little attention to where they have been.

What will keep them coming back and wanting more from you is content. Thus, you will need a powerful and elegant system for housing all the content that you create.

The game may change over time but it is important to have this system under your custom domain.

The development work will involve creating the look and feel of how the site is laid out and designed. It also includes under-the-hood functionality such as fast site speed, optimization for Google search and responsive design so mobile device visitors, who are the majority of many site visits, have a delightful experience.

The do-it-yourself approach to designing your system is a cheap route to go, however, if your performance and design do not stand out, then you may have fleeting traffic on your site.

People still judge by appearance first. If you lack professionalism, people have little patience and many options online to repoint their attention.

Our advice is to invest in the necessary work to make the look, layout and process flow of your content management system world-class so you can convert visitors into people that will stay and engage your content.

Your content management system is your hub. It is where you put out valuable information about your industry to the people that care. They constitute your potential and virtual pipeline of sales opportunities in the future.

Furthermore, this is your platform that you control and are able to build your own audiences with. Imagine if you had an audience like Oprah. She simply recommends a book and it becomes a best seller. She built this through content, hard work and a platform over the years. She speaks to her audience and they respond by buying things.

If you can build a reputation and trust while broadcasting on your own platform, then the permission you gain will convert into business later.

Published by Don Dalrymple

I partner with founders and entrepreneurs in startup businesses. I write and consult on strategy, systems, team building and growing revenue.

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