The Courage To Tell (Market) Your Story

Yelling louder than everyone won’t make you stand out.

Yelling louder than your competitors is not going to win more ears or eyeballs. This is especially true now that people are well conditioned and equipped to block out noise they don’t welcome in their email, TV’s and peripheral view. If you can only try to make bold claims, then this only raises our suspicions as buyers that you are not for real.

The problem is not necessarily your diluted market claims. It is more about how you are differentiated in our minds. Marketing happens in the mind and without a sticky, unique way of seeing your brand, then we tell ourselves a story that is generic.

It takes corporate courage to tell your own story and being real, relevant and relentless with who you are and how you see the world. This can be intimidating if you are not used to it, because you will surely tune out some people.

On the other hand, you will attract a loyal crowd that resonates with the story you tell. It is the story they want to tell themselves. That’s how a decision happens. There has to be a story we tell ourselves first that justifies our decision.

Packaging Your Story

So how is your story being told and shared? It matters a great deal.

If you are simply showing off and talking how great you are, then you are missing the mind of the buyer. Their mind requires engagement and consistent thought leadership to help them see your worldview.

It is why content is so important to continually create and share with your audience. It is the opportunity to reveal motivations as well as share how things could be better with your influence and ideas at play.

Great storytellers paint the picture from different vantage points and make their points with memorable prose.

It could be how you made your customers successful. It could be the mantras that you believe in and won’t compromise on. It could be why you want to change the world.

For our team, we keep beating that drum that marketing is about human connection. We don’t believe in gimmicks and work hard to research, publish and distribute content that connects with strangers and friends alike for our clients. They believe this story and see it at play the longer we work together. And the story keeps being told and validated as a reflection of our beliefs and reality.

Without the story, there’s nothing to make the connection for going forward together.

Sometimes, people are looking for cheap. There are companies that push that story out and attract that kind of cheap buyer.

Other times, buyers are seeking professional and cutting edge. They see that story in all the presentation and content they see and raise their hands to do business.

With so much choice, it’s hard as a seller to get around the ease for buyers to make another choice of service or product. Without your story being broadcast, explained and continuous, you get drowned out be the noise of choice.

You may have tried a lot of other strategies. What if you got real and had the courage to do it right? What if you built your audience a subscriber at a time. In the end, your story will be the working magic that fills your pipeline of deals and referrals.

Published by Don Dalrymple

I partner with founders and entrepreneurs in startup businesses. I write and consult on strategy, systems, team building and growing revenue.

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