Consistency and Frequency of Your Content Matters

Sunlight can get through the murkiness. Likewise, when minds clear up, your frequent message is more receptive

I may not be thinking of you currently, but that’s because my mind is crowded by all the noise on a Tuesday trying to get things done. This is while I am being sold by spammers, pressured by customers and trying to respond to the list of emails sitting in a neglected inbox.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t have an impact and make a connection. It just means it might take some time. And if you are not consistent in your message with a relevance to my problems, then I will ignore you or marginalize you.

However, if you can continue to be persistent with frequency, then over time, my mind can tune in. The static will not be so thick with noise. My mind will recognize your signal.

But that cannot happen if you expect to try and sell me with a few emails and caller-blocked phone calls. If I don’t trust you, know you or am even aware of how you solve a problem, then you are in the noise pile.

Getting Real About How Buyers Take Action

We can tell you story after story about how most buyers take action. The majority do not act quickly. They usually have to have some experiences with you to be able to know that they should connect with you.

If they have high pain, then they might call you right away. It is a key event that allows them to take action.

Typically, buyers are unready. They are busy working on their own problems and focused on other things.

Your consistent content that helps them specifically or helps them to think about their problems is part of an engagement that is largely driven by thought leadership and consistency.

There is great value in knowing that you will be persistent in your content and consistent in your message. Frequency helps create predictability. Subscribers don’t have to wonder if you are going to provide something valuable in a couple weeks. As a reader, they can tune in when it is convenient for them on their time.

One week may not work out so well. However, the following week may be more free in terms of attention and time. But, if you are sporadic, then it is hard to figure out when you will deliver new fresh content.

There are numerous pieces of content that readers expect and can depend on. This creates credibility and when they are ready, they can take action based on what is happening in their minds.

When there is not predictability, then building an audience that can pay attention becomes hard. There are too many stop and go’s.

So, as you think about content publishing and marketing, ensure there is a fundamental process in place. Set the publishing schedule far out with content plans and don’t miss a date. Otherwise, you will break a link and momentum that builds with your audience. They are your sales pipeline and depend on the minimum expectation that you will deliver regularly.

Published by Don Dalrymple

I partner with founders and entrepreneurs in startup businesses. I write and consult on strategy, systems, team building and growing revenue.

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