Can You Make The World Stand Still?

technology and people moving fast
The world won’t stop. But you can think through how to stay constant and valuable in the midst of it.

What strategy can you implement to deal with the randomness that rules our world? You cannot make the world stand still. In fact, it is accelerating as more people connect in creative and numerous ways.

This kind of complexity and speed makes it hard to predict what will be a hit and what will simply fade in the noise. And if your strategy is to dabble here and there with the newest toys, tools and social media, the lack of depth and commitment will only make you irrelevant. Dabblers don’t stand out.

With the reality that the world will only move faster, there are a few options for how to drive towards success.

1. Try to yell louder than your competition

If you can promote your wares and get attention by standing out, this may work. Of course, you have to be the winner. The more competitors, the harder this becomes. If you have fifty competitors, then you get compared and tend to blend in. It’s not a great strategy, but the winner does tend to reap the rewards.

2. Stay ahead of the trends

Being first in a trend helps. That is until everyone else catches up. You might be the early adopter for your new social media platform or first attendee for a hip new conference. It gets you some advantage. Once everyone catches up though, you get diluted by their presence.

It helps to stay tuned in. Betting the farm on this strategy does not tend to pay big dividends over time, not when there are so many venues and options that people might prefer.

3. Keep building assets that last

I like this strategy. The ways we communicate and connect may continue to change. But we are still looking for valuable content that helps us. Continually building your online content and your email list will continue to last. It’s a long process but it lasts and keeps you from the whims of the changes that happen to all the platforms.

Everyone reads. Everyone uses email. If you can be of real value and help people then you won’t be washed away by the trends.

Fashion Is Exhausting

If you ever try to keep up with fashion, you know it’s temporary. It’s hard work to keep noticing and changing out your wardrobe and look. It never ends.

Building who you are, on the other hand, is lasting and valuable.

Similarly, knowing how to remain relevant and keeping some constants may not necessarily make the world stand still. But it does give you an anchor in the midst of change to build the momentum that will carry through the fickleness of crowds and trends.

What is your strategy to deal with randomness and change?

Published by Don Dalrymple

I partner with founders and entrepreneurs in startup businesses. I write and consult on strategy, systems, team building and growing revenue.

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