Considering Others

considering others
Consideration for others means being open.

My children hear me talk about considering others a lot. It’s a mantra around the Dalrymple home, and when we see selfish acts or inconsideration, we don’t let up on this most important of virtues.

I do believe a lot of the pain and problems that happen between people are from selfishness. It’s that childish inability to see the needs of the other person in a situation because we want what we want.

I am grateful for this holiday season where we can rest, relax and laugh with those we love and are close to. It’s a miracle in many ways.

There is the wonderful celebration of a baby born many years ago who came to love and save mankind. There is also a general festive, Christmas spirit everywhere we go.

But it is also a time we get to focus on others and bring happiness to them. It gets our eyes off ourselves. I don’t just think of it in a material sense.

I try to ask, “What is someone’s real need and how can I meet it? How can I love and care more?”

With the busyness of life, I don’t get that perspective as easily. There are deadlines, projects and demands on my attention that pull in all different directions. I am sure you have your fair share as well.

But I find such great happiness and fulfillment when I can help others and consider them, even before myself many times. And it’s worth working and fighting for.

As you get to celebrate this holiday season and give your mind and nerves a break, consider others. It may be the relative you see once in a while or a friend you have not called. Think deeply about their life and what they must be facing on a typical weekday.

Then give them a gift of your consideration. Meet their need specifically. It may be an empathetic conversation with full attention. It could be helping them on a problem they are trying to solve.

It’s a glad tiding that makes you more human and enjoy the season with even more meaning.

Thanks for reading and may your Christmas be both restful and joyful!

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