The Case (Excuse) for Disorganization

disorganization is an excuse
Disorganization is an accepted habit. It doesn’t have to continue

We give out free passes every day. When someone does not respond to emails or return calls, we may feel this is a slight or dismiss it to a person’s disorganization.

Yes, everyone is overwhelmed, but does it have to stay this way? If a person’s disorganization is chronic, then it tells me they have accepted this a a norm.

It’s not normal. I know this because there are plenty of people in harder roles that do not have the problem of forgetting or being scattered. They made readiness and productivity a priority.

We could all claim the excuse for disorganization, but it will only blend us into the mediocrity of talent out there. No, being responsive and fully engaged with your work doesn’t have to be flaunted either. But it is a quiet mark of performance and excellence that signals you don’t hide. You execute and get things done.

The disorganized soul will have to continue to reach for excuses. Instead of stepping up, they are sidestepping the issue. Yes, you can have a ZeroInbox. You can plan and get through your task list. You can scale your organization and have it running smoothly.

The question comes down to whether you believe it is possible and then wanting to make it happen. It’s a matter of being sick and tired of the chaos and do something about it.

It may mean learning new systems, changing your habits and caring more about your customers and partners to raise your game.

But, the new normal will keep the crises at bay and position you in the mind of those you collaborate with in a much more positive light.

In this competitive economic environment, that kind of differentiation is not lost on people who are tired of the excuses for disorganization.

Published by Don Dalrymple

I partner with founders and entrepreneurs in startup businesses. I write and consult on strategy, systems, team building and growing revenue.

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