Connecting and Timing

connecting timing and attention
Being tuned into the right timing makes an immense difference in a world of inattention.

When you think about the click moment, much of what has to happen comes down to connecting and timing. That interpersonal touch which puts you on the same wavelength with another person is important to get any traction. No connection then no reason to make something happen together.

The timing is the other part. With people being more distracted than ever, it’s hard to get on the same frequency. You may have to be more precise with your touch points. Consistency matters and if you can be relevant and personal, then your message and value may have a chance to be entertained.

Getting attention is everyone’s challenge today. My guess is that if you had undivided attention for thirty minutes and there was a real pain for your customer, your sales conversion would be pretty high. The problem lies with getting that permission, connection and timing down.

We can’t stop the world or force people to pay attention. But we can stay on task and ensure it’s easy to connect and we create timely experiences when customers are ready.

How do you stay in front of your prospective customers?

Published by Don Dalrymple

I am a management consultant to business owners, executives and entrepreneurs. I write and speak on systems, strategy and leadership on my blog and help empower business clients to achieve their goals for revenue and efficiency. I live a life of adventure and work with business clients all over the world from remote locations to help them start and grow their businesses.

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