The Difference Between Working and Building

Yes, you can disguise it and simply work harder. That’s the heads down way of looking like you are winning.

But are you building something? Are you advancing your assets, growing your systems or increasing your value from one month to the next?

Ideally, you can get the work of the day done and push on the larger goals of building something as well. That would be great leverage and use of your time.

But when you have the freedom to choose how to expend your time, the temptation to merely work at the cost of building something great for yourself is high.

I guess it is because of the sacrifice it takes to invest in something that is not immediately gratifying. That and the extra work of creativity and persistence towards what would be comparatively ambiguous makes the choice even harder.

If you are serious about building then keep your far off goal near by having it written in a list. It may be to expand locations or have a pipeline of business. It’s not just going to happen if you simply work on the mundane.

The important thing is to write that goal down and list out the steps you have to do to get there. Then slice up the tasks and make sure you do one of those things every day. The best habit is to make those tasks your first thing in the morning.

This way it won’t get lost in the slog and demands of a typical day. It’s the big project that has a long-term impact and something to show for work that you can invest.

That choice is on your doorstep every day. Months pass quickly and when you look back, if all you have to show for your work is paycheck, then the future is nothing more than a grind.

Keep your eye on the bigger target of building with a bit of investment in your efforts each day. It makes your work meaningful for yourself.

Published by Don Dalrymple

I partner with founders and entrepreneurs in startup businesses. I write and consult on strategy, systems, team building and growing revenue.

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