Choosing Impact Over Popularity

Pick a strategy that has high impactThe worst strategy you can choose is the one that is in between. You want to win everybody so you don’t focus on the specific people that matter.

It happens way more often than I can count. Whether it’s chasing the latest tech fads, growing headcount or babysitting crowded social media channels, you can dilute yourself easily if you are not focused.

If you are in a business where twenty customers would make an impact, which strategy do you think would be better? Focusing heavily on forty prospects that can say “Yes” or trying to get those twenty from four thousand strangers that follow you indiscriminately? The former is a strategy. The latter is typically hope.

I think we like big numbers. We like to talk about how much revenue a company makes. But what if their profit is 1%? What if a company that makes 60% profit makes far more with much less revenue and effort?

Having a focus on impact comes down to the kind of choices and worldview you have. It means thinking strategically and avoiding the chase for popularity.

Somehow popularity has a powerful attraction. It gets people jumping on bandwagons that can lack the substance and delivery.

I am sure you have tried a lot of strategies when it comes to sales, speed or management. Throwing dollars, people or technology at it won’t solve the problem. That’s not impact. That’s just the popularity approach.

No, to think deeply about how to have impact starts with getting clear on what you want. Then work backwards on what it takes to get it with as little waste as possible. No waste in time, attention, money or work. Instead, it’s a focus on optimizing on what truly works and letting others get enamored with the emotion of what is popular.

The funny thing is that everything exists for you to be successful at what you want. All the pieces are there for you to integrate. But putting them together in a way that makes an impact is what everyone is struggling with. The people, tools, processes, etc. are all accessible.

What if you stopped and chose impact instead? Do more with less and get more in return. It starts with looking at your problem differently first.

Published by Don Dalrymple

I partner with founders and entrepreneurs in startup businesses. I write and consult on strategy, systems, team building and growing revenue.

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