When Will Your Business Grow Up?

Lack of business growth

If you want to become a better business person, then simply listen to what people do, not what they say. It sounds simple. But it’s hard. We like to rationalize, hope and chase after elusive things. It also means getting real.

Your business or idea may never grow up. It’s not because of a lack of good intentions. It may be because normal is ok. Like a limb that hasn’t been rehabbed correctly, you got used to awkward movements.

Addicted to Crises

Part of your business growing up is defining what normal should be. If you are always in crisis mode, then you may be addicted to it. Lacking a system for solving your sales, service fulfillment or quality problems is achievable. The question is how committed you are to pushing through the complexity and hard obstacles to get to a more peaceful existence.

I am not much for extending compliments on how hard someone has to work on problems continually. That’s easy to do. Just get buried in complexity and call it hard work.

No, the more difficult task is to simplify the problems you see and streamline how things work. If year after year has passed and you use heroics to solve problems that should otherwise be mundane and systematic, then you may be merely addicted to crises. Listen to what you do.

Stop the Scripts

The courageous part is not diving into work and simply becoming more determined. It’s not just accepting that things are supposed to be hard.

No, the hard part is stopping the scripts altogether. Turn in a different direction. Your business is supposed to run easier. It can be done with less stress. Things can be efficient without drama.

But, our scripts get in the way. And it’s hard to stop what we get used to or call normal.

Take a look. If your business hasn’t grown up and it’s pretty much the same as it was last year, think about what will happen next year. Will you likely be in the same place?

If you truly want that business to grow up, then that’s simply a decision. A hard one, albeit, but it is a decision you are serious about. Invest, redirect, focus, and do all the things that plenty of other people with success already do.

How’s your growth?

Published by Don Dalrymple

I partner with founders and entrepreneurs in startup businesses. I write and consult on strategy, systems, team building and growing revenue.

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