You Are Buying Process

inner workings machinery process
When you take the case off, you see process at work. From Shiny Things’ Flickr photostream

Marketing does a great job of blinding us. We get fixated on the styling and contours of a car body rather than look under the chassis to see how the transmission is put together.

We look at the outer casings of a computer rather than open it up to see the soldering patterns of a circuit board.

We look at the well-dressed salesperson in a Neiman store rather than see the giant warehouse of clothing we are walking around in.

Yes, packaging does matter. It makes the commodity more pleasing and desirable. But ultimately we are buying process. You can build your own transmission, computer or clothing store. That is if you had endless time and budget.

It’s easier to buy someone else’s efficiency. And their efficiency is around process. They know how to stock shelves with the right stuff, build parts and source the right materials as well as control precision manufacturing techniques. We are buying their process. You could get their cookbook, but you would still need to do the work, which can be pretty unappealing.

So, when you are selling, the marketing helps to draw attention and highlight value. Process is what substantiates your offering. And sometimes, it’s good to share how things are made, sourced, created, shipped and curated. It helps people remember that there are moving parts under the hood and to appreciate your offering.

Everything we see, touch and buy is an output of process. So get yours tight and right. The hypercompetitive marketplace we are a part of is a collage of choices in process. And we all expect excellence because we experience it everyday from someone, whether they are in your industry or not.

How can you enhance and highlight your product or service in light of process?


Published by Don Dalrymple

I partner with founders and entrepreneurs in startup businesses. I write and consult on strategy, systems, team building and growing revenue.

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