Why Do You Want a Management Problem?

don't like management problems

I realize I can be a paradox at times. I know a lot about many different systems and technologies. But I prefer to have a few powerful pieces in play at a time. It’s the difference between study and utility.

But I guess that is what curating is about. You know what is available and you know what to pick for a specific situation. Ultimately, I don’t want a management problem.

Amateurs tend to do the opposite. Their knowledge is without depth. So they adopt many different options. Then you get a mess. What looks like something powerful – lots of gadgets, tools, people, infrastructure – is just a cover for not having knowledge.

Then you have a bigger problem. Whatever you let into your life and business has to be managed. Bigger may seem better, but it’s not. You have to manage …

… lots of low-cost talent

… heavy duty software systems that are complex

… meetings

… marketing programs

… outdated relationships

… paper

Managing has a cost. And it’s a heavy one. You can get sucked down working on things that don’t matter when innovation today allows you to get the job done with much less headaches. But you may have gotten used to the headaches. It’s like a security blanket because it’s familiar. So you may want a management problem, but just not call it that.

The truth is that it’s a drag on your life and your business.

I like to look at things differently. If your business blew up, God forbid, then you would be forced to rebuild it a different way. With your new knowledge and the innovation around you, wouldn’t it be simpler, easier, faster, smarter and with less overhead?

Of course it would. I guess many people are waiting for something to happen to force the issue. But I can tell you that being proactive and getting out of the management of problems can open up whole new opportunities.

If you had to think about it, what would you like to stop managing?

Published by Don Dalrymple

I partner with founders and entrepreneurs in startup businesses. I write and consult on strategy, systems, team building and growing revenue.

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