When Your Goals Aren’t Big Enough

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You can think bigger. From Spencer Williams’ Flickr photostream

I hate complacency. It’s the best way to die on the vine as the world passes you by. And it happens all the time when your goals aren’t big enough.

These days, the connected economy does not reward the status quo. There are too many people affecting change to rest on your laurels.

But that comfort zone of feeling like you arrived or milking your cash flow stream is so tempting to nestle in. And you can get stuck. You get used to inefficiencies. you tolerate mediocre talent. You work on old problems and get bored.

If you find yourself restless, tired or frustrated, you might be setting your goals too low. You are in the noise rather than above it looking at your whole situation. You may have to go through the grind to get to a prize, but if you are still there after a long time, it may be less about adversity and more about small thinking.

Here are some symptoms of small thinking:

… You continue to mettle in problems your employees can solve themselves

… Your life has been reduced to the repeatability of Billy Murray’s Groundhog Day.

… You don’t have any new relationships compared to six months ago

… You hide from hard things

… You aren’t clear about what you want

… You keep talking about your dream but there’s no action

There’s a lot of ways to hide small goals. You may be doing ok. But it’s likely that what you are doing is good enough. That is until change comes your way.

If you’re not growing, then what are you doing? If you find yourself frustrated, then consider setting bigger goals. Disrupting the apple cart can be just what you need to do to make things right with yourself and grow something greater.

Published by Don Dalrymple

I partner with founders and entrepreneurs in startup businesses. I write and consult on strategy, systems, team building and growing revenue.

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