I don’t think playing it safe gets you anywhere these days. Sure, you can hide behind corporate speak, a marketing image or vague statements. But that just puts you in a pile. It’s a heap of unnoticed, anonymous people and messages.

While everyone feels like they have a platform these days, how about going against the grain and try something different in how you present yourself. Transparency differentiates you from the noise out there. Being authentic, having an opinion and sharing in a human way can be uncomfortable. But it opens up a world you may not have been previously aware of.

If you are finding you are not getting through because everyone is so busy and inattentive, how about practicing a bit more transparency. See what happens. You might find connecting becomes a whole lot easier.

Published by Don Dalrymple

I partner with founders and entrepreneurs in startup businesses. I write and consult on strategy, systems, team building and growing revenue.

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