Starting When Everyone’s Standing

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It does take somebody to start ~ Richard Branson. From BK’s Flickr photostream compliments of Virgin

Initiative comes with a lot of risk. If something doesn’t work, then there’s always the shadow of failure. But initiative is also a powerful differentiator. Most people are standing around waiting for something to happen. And if you are able to start something, then you can pull people towards a vision they may not have thought of for themselves.

Starting, in reality, is a commitment. Putting something in motion and seeing where it might go has a cost of both emotion and energy.

It also puts a framework for your mind to work on. When I have or hear about a great idea, I like to capture it in some way quickly, whether by email or a new project area. Starting a dialogue and pushing on clarity help to move an idea into some kind of action.

This is how I make ideas happen. It’s a push towards something concrete. But starting is critical. The ideas worth pursuing start to take a life of their own on. More people get behind it and the resources come to fruition.

The ideas not worth pursuing tend to die on the vine or lose momentum. And that is fine as well. If you are a starter then it is natural to see some things not play out. The important thing is something got started, put in play and tested against reality.

So, how can you start with this way of doing business? When you hear something that you think should happen, then push the thought into a conversation. From there, think about a way to make a concept or prototype. If you think a group of people should form a club, start with a dinner party and see how it goes. If a new product idea could create a new revenue stream, put together a storyboard and see if existing customers can get excited around the idea.

Over time, you can see whether you should invest more into your idea. That critical start helps you evaluate it. Give it a fair shake and move ideas to action as a habit.

What three things can you start right now?

Published by Don Dalrymple

I partner with founders and entrepreneurs in startup businesses. I write and consult on strategy, systems, team building and growing revenue.

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