Automating Yourself

build habits to automate yourselfYes, if you want to scale a business for revenue and efficiency, then it takes systems, process and automation. These are things I have done for many years and it takes an immense amount of energy and focus for an organization and its leadership to get to the result.

Automation for teams is, in many ways, a lot easier than trying to get predictability with people. With individuals, it is an issue of buying into personal automation.

That comes from a commitment to continual refinement and integrating habits into our lives. Habits are automation. We do this with brushing our teeth, showering and eating. We don’t think much about these things. Habits are programs that is within our brain’s algorithm.

Charles Duhigg illuminates the science behind how our brains and habits work in his authoritative book, The Power of Habit. It’s a great read to understand how human beings are walking algorithms of habits. It explains why our friends are so characteristic and predictable. And if we can see ourselves in the same light, then the strategic thinkers focus on automating themselves by working on habits.

If you want to be more productive then move to action and organization immediately and quickly. It’s a new thought process and takes a lot of reps. But you eventually create a script that is hard to undo. And in essence, you make great gains in your business life because you automated the action process.

If you want to grow  your influence, then you build the script of kindness, generosity and proactive gestures for others. You get to practice this every hour of your day when interacting with new people. But if you don’t examine how you are doing it now and repoint your behavioral trajectory, then you miss out on the opportunities that arise from those that actually do the habit.

It’s a slow process. I work with both technology and people. I can move ridiculously fast building the right technology automation.

But moving through the journey of automation with people has a lot of cycles. There has to be desire, commitment and consistency to make this kind of automation stick.

If you want to become more efficient try making a list of 12 ways you would want to be automated. Send them to me.

Then work on one a month. Put it at the front of your mind. You will be building a system for yourself that will continually reward you.

Published by Don Dalrymple

I partner with founders and entrepreneurs in startup businesses. I write and consult on strategy, systems, team building and growing revenue.

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