Managing Your Bills in Google Apps

Paying bills can be a drag. They are the nuisance of our modern existence in many ways. Miss a bill and it can create some angst and hits to your credit.

Well, I like simple and powerful systems for doing business and life. I work with clients all the time on streamlining processes. You can adapt a system like Google Apps in many different applications. And the great thing is that it is integrated and you don’t have to leave the ecosystem.

Here’s a great way to set up your bill management.

1. First ensure that all your bills come to you by email. This way you have it electronically and it becomes searchable.

2. Then create a Google Tasks list called “Bills”

3. Add all your bills as task items. Put in the amount, description and due date. You click the little arrow to the right of the task when floating your mouse over to add more details. You can pick the due date this way. Anything with a due date ends up in your Google Calendar. Make the due date match the statement.

4. If you get bills within your email, use the Add to Tasks function in the More picklist when in your email. This converts the email to a task and the Related Email is captured inside the details of the task for your reference. You can always click this later if you need to see it.

google tasks adding new

5. Reorder your list by due dates. You can grab each task and drag them up and down the list. Keep the list chronological.

6. Check off bills you pay with your online banking or via credit card payments.

It’s a simple system. You can also get an app like GoTasks that syncs your iPhone app to your Google Tasks.

You can review your list to ensure everything is in order and paid. Anything that is past due will turn read. You will also get notifications from Google Calendar for any missed due dates.

Some Other Bill Paying Strategies

If you want  a few other strategies:

1. Sign up for a free Credit Karma account and keep track of your credit scores and history. Avoid any late payments and keep an eye out on your credit history to ensure there are not mistakes. Those give you big hits on your score if you are late.

2. I don’t like automated EFT. It’s a pull from your account. Depend on pushing instead with online bill pay. Better to schedule if you need to.

3. On recurring bills, check off a payment you made and set the next one. It’s good for you to tee up the next 30-45 days this way.

4. See how many bills you can get rid of. It will give you more freedom. Heck, you might even try and get your commitments down to zero. Wouldn’t that be something?

It’s an easy system that will allow you to feel more control and manage your bills in an environment you are likely working in every day, your email.

You can play a game and see how small you can get your ongoing list and monthly commitments.

What do you think?

Published by Don Dalrymple

I partner with founders and entrepreneurs in startup businesses. I write and consult on strategy, systems, team building and growing revenue.

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