Are You Organized?

organized for action
Is there always too much? From Jodimichelle’s Flickr photostream.

Think about all the interaction you will have in the next week. The flow of emails, calls, texts, posts, and content will be coming your way without pause. It is relentless.

I’m sure you, like everyone around you, can relate to being overwhelmed by it all.

Our tools have allowed us to push information out without effort. But in the same vein, we have to deal with all of it once it is in our inboxes.

If you are indiscriminate, then it all piles up. You may be random at what you look at or respond to. Who knows what is buried in your databases or what correspondence you have not gotten to that you should have.

That nagging feeling of being unorganized can be painful over time as you tread water without progress day in and day out. So why not focus and solve the problem once and for all? What if you had a workflow for yourself and your team that was organized?

You can close more deals.

See more opportunities.

Spend time on higher leverage activities.

And have peace of mind that there are no open loops.


Part of the freedom we all enjoy in the information age is the latitude to make our own way. We don’t have to plug into an industrial establishment. We can work the way we want and interact fluidly across projects with anyone anywhere.

But that leaves a lot of variability in the quality of communications and collaboration we experience. And since we have choices, it’s easier to do business with people and organizations that are organized, human and responsive.

Adding to a messy situation only exacerbates a problem. How about committing to getting organized and making that a mainstay? My guess is that you’ll experience an increase that may have eluded you previously.

Published by Don Dalrymple

I partner with founders and entrepreneurs in startup businesses. I write and consult on strategy, systems, team building and growing revenue.

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