Innovators and Controllers

innovators rock the world

When you look at the game of how the markets work up close, the self-interest at hand is self-evident. Those that want to create indulge in the process and hard work (which is naturally play) to bring something novel into the world. Yet there are many that can’t or don’t innovate. They are better at controlling what exists.

What can a controller do? A controller by nature wants to control, and not mind taking credit for accomplishments.

It doesn’t take a lot of genius to be a regulator or controller. But it does take power and the ability to cue in on manipulating perceptions. If a controller can take credit, well, that is the modus operandi they have honed.

Innovators on the other hand have the dual task of bringing something into the the world that did not exist and avoiding the traps of controllers. A much heavier burden, but it is rewarded with the satisfaction of knowing that they have the freedom because they start, launch and bring ideas into the world.

With such an open economy, there’s power in being identified as an innovator or controller in the game. The latter has dependency on the former to initiate something.

With the world at your fingertips, are you going to merely criticize and lower another person’s work? Or wil you actually dare to use the vast freedom afforded all of us to make something real that wasn’t realized before?

Published by Don Dalrymple

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