Keeping Distance from Your Problems

perspective tall building
From vonderauvisuals Flickr photostream.

Perspective can change how you feel or see an issue. Stand right up to a magnificent building and it looks daunting as you look up its columns and windows.

But if you can move back a couple miles and enjoy the city view, you see the relationship between that building and its surroundings.

Both perspectives are important depending on what you are after. But to remain innovative and bring creative input, you have to be close enough to see the problem and far away enough to see the possibilities.

If you cannot appreciate the up close mechanisms and contributions to the problems you see, then your comments are merely intellectual.

If you are working in the weeds, then you may be missing the bigger, more strategic answer that can change everything.

Finding that right distance is tricky when there is so much pulling at your psyche. But the answer you come up with can be effective and innovative depending on what distance you choose to see your problems from.

There’s a whole day of issues ahead. If you want to make impact, be near enough and far enough to innovate with impact.

Published by Don Dalrymple

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