You’ve Got to Care

joe camp and his beautiful horse

My friend Marc introduced me and the family to Joe Camp of Benji fame. Joe’s had a lot of wonderful successes and dramas in life. But, as anyone that has tried for anything knows, it’s extremely difficult to go after your passion and dreams. And, Joe, knowing this, gave a gift to my kids by sharing his own convictions about life, work and success:

“You’ve got to care.”

It’s simple and it’s true. He was explaining that there are simply too many obstacles and hardships and if you really care, then you go and figure out how to win.

Joe’s lived a wonderful life learning as he goes because he really cares. He wanted to make a world-class movie with a dog as the 3-dimensional protagonist. So he figured out everything about movie making, writing, music, casting and the slurry of other details. He cared so much it happened.

He’s doing the same thing with horses today. He loves his stable of beautiful horses and has shared books and life with everyone he can. We gained an immense amount of education hanging out with him and taking in his passion from biology, psychology to history and archaeology.

All of this comes out because he cares.

I think a lot of people burn out and keep pushing because they’re chasing that money or that idea of success their parents told them to go after.

It’s refreshing to see a wise person that has traveled a lot of life breaking it down very simply. We all have to work. But that work can be extremely meaningful and rewarding if our heart and head are completely in it. Caring more than others makes us pursue with relentless focus and drive to make something we see in our heads become a reality.

Maybe you’re stuck or not seeing results. Maybe you don’t care enough or even know what to care about. You might want to check out Joe’s life and work these days and see how to get that care that has given him fuel and focus. Imagine how big life can get if you could align likewise, whether that is with building businesses, leading people or making things work.

Published by Don Dalrymple

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