Don’t Be an App

do not be an app

Isn’t it a miracle that we have powerful apps at our fingertips for $0.99?  And some even pay you to use them. It creates millions of people that feel entitled to sophisticated technology that is convenient and powerful for a mere buck or less.

In the workplace, it creates problems for IT directors trying to control an environment. Everyone in the office is used to a world of apps that they can use to get things done. They have experienced and expect convenience to get tasks done quickly, collaborate with others and have fun. We have all experienced control and convenience in our own lives and workflow.

But the problem with apps are that there many and they are disposable. You can always shop for a new one if one does not work. We expect an app to give no fuss and get a job done.

Managers and owners expect the same from people. In a connected world, it becomes a talent economy game and everyone is accessible. If you are not special, you look like an app. You are expected to not be fussy, take an input and give an output. And unfortunately, too many people take that deal. They don’t think in terms of being human. They think in terms of a job, a paycheck and a boss.

That’s fine, if you need such security, but I would submit, you are living with great risk with such a mindset in a world of apps. If I can use automation and technology, why would I want the hassle of inconsistency of people to do a job? That is, unless, a person can help me create, imagine and dare to do something outside an algorithm. Apps don’t care. People with great value care.

You can either just get the job done. And that was great value in a past era. But it’s expected today and you are being compared to these wonderful tools we use today.

I would say, your security will be more about pushing the limits and making ideas happen. That’s something automation hasn’t quite been able to do yet.

Published by Don Dalrymple

I partner with founders and entrepreneurs in startup businesses. I write and consult on strategy, systems, team building and growing revenue.

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