A Key Differentiator in a World of Information

Make the decision frequently and clearly

We have a lot of snazzy tools that tell us what’s going on in the world, what kind of analytics are affecting our businesses or who likes us or follows us.

It’s not bad stuff. But there’s a side effect of information that I find lulls the best and brightest: We have this illusion of control and empowerment from information that can flow so easily and freely into our lives.

However, we cannot escape the need to make decisions. Data can help us see the landscape and lower our risks from the uncertainty. But data can also lure us into analysis and hyper-evaluations of multiple scenarios.

Information, and the easy access to it in its many forms, can make us feel powerful. After all, we can access what we need quickly.

But the real differentiator becomes less about who can gather more data. No, the differentiator comes down to your ability to make decisions from the complexity.

You can see it all around you in the marketplace. People like to validate, analyze, collaborate, and overengineer to avoid the risk of making a decision with full personal responsibility.

And that is where those, like you, who dare to differentiate, can stand out. Making decisions differentiates you in a stark and apparent way.

Being a competent and excellent decision maker comes from the fact that you have made many decisions. You have to make them frequently and quickly. There are so many to evaluate every day. The sheer practice of making decisions helps you to become a decision maker. And you become better from the practice and repetition.

Yes, you will be wrong many times, if you dare to pick up the mantle. But you will also be ahead. And that is what differentiates you from the crowd that wants assuredness and certainty.

We are starving for conviction and clarity in this world of abundant information and noise.

Is this an area you want to stand out with impact? 

Published by Don Dalrymple

I partner with founders and entrepreneurs in startup businesses. I write and consult on strategy, systems, team building and growing revenue.

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