You Have To Expand This To Get a Deal

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It’s hard, if not impossible, to do a great deal with someone who lacks vision.

It’s a tragedy that opportunities are missed because there’s a lack of vision. There are so many possibilities that can happen with those you engage with daily. But it takes intentionality and vision.

The reality is that two total strangers, if they were earnest and spent enough time getting to know each other’s wants, could find places to exchange value.

If you and I really got to know one another and find out what the other was really pursuing, we could find a way to help each other and make a trade of sorts. It might be sharing someone in our respective networks or teaching the other some deep knowledge we each have. We could even find talent, investors or advisors that can make our dreams and goals possible.

But taking the time to think and care enough is a scarcity of sorts, especially in a world where we are moving at light speed and bumping around without noticing much of other people’s ambitions and desires.

Seeing the possibilities and thinking long-term rather than short-term can make for better deals. Short-term thinking is where most people’s heads are at. And they tend to get the inferior deals:

  • Having a job
  • Meeting a deadline
  • Working a contract or project
  • Getting sales goals

These deals have book ends. At some point they end without much more that makes it exciting.

The long-term deal making with long-term thinking from visionaries can change your trajectory:

  • New product lines
  • Untouched market groups
  • Joint venture partnership opportunities
  • A cycle of continual reciprocation
  • Inroads into new networks

Vision is not common. Thinking beyond the immediate takes creativity and care about something beyond the mundane.

Why keep getting small results week by week? Nothing will change unless you have more vision. And that vision allows you to make better and more lucrative deals. It’s worth it to expand your vision and seek out those who can help you achieve it.

Published by Don Dalrymple

I partner with founders and entrepreneurs in startup businesses. I write and consult on strategy, systems, team building and growing revenue.

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