The Two Must Have Assets for Deal Making

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Do you expect problems to never be around? Or do you expect problems to always be around?

Those are two different realities and two completely polar mindsets. You cannot escape problems. Think about all the variables you are not in complete control of:

  • The economy
  • Your genetics
  • Your family
  • World events
  • Death
  • Other people

We can, of course, delude ourselves and think we have control. But we don’t.

With our ability to connect and make things happen quicker than ever, the game around you is being changed by many other people. They are not sitting still. They are seeking to better their own position in life. Thus, your game changes as a consequence continually.

So you can lament the change or you can realize that there is immense opportunity. But you need two things to be a deal maker to make money flow in your business in life.

  1. Creativity: Can you see the invisible? Are you able to make something out of nothing? Can you connect the dots? We live in a world that values great ideas.
  2. Productivity: Do you make ideas happen? Can you move from conversations to action? Do you move the ball every day with other people?

If I had to hold tight to two skills, these would be it. If I had creativity and productivity as a priority, then I can move fast and take advantage of and create opportunities. And I do. And the great thing is so can you.

These are not born traits. These are learned skills. You have to desire to increase your creativity every day. This takes a focus on using your mind to solve problems. This means you have to be willing to expose yourself to problems in the first place eagerly.

You also have to expose yourself to new ideas and people continually to gain insights. This allows that mind of yours to integrate concepts and other worlds in your focused domain.

And your ability to move problems into action lists is what makes you a doer more than a dreamer. If you’re always talking and nothing has changed, then you are a dreamer. Productivity means you hunker down and convert those ideas into actions. Then you manage that list and knock it out day after day with speed.

If you’re not getting where you want, the great news is you can learn creativity and productivity. If you’re not where you want to be, then think about how creative and productive you really are.

Would you want to improve? What’s your strategy?

Published by Don Dalrymple

I partner with founders and entrepreneurs in startup businesses. I write and consult on strategy, systems, team building and growing revenue.

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