The Gravity of Comfort Zones

comfort panic zones

I do often like to tell those people that are different than the mass majority, those restless souls who have the entrepreneurial bug, “Do something that scares you.”

It’s the antidote to their continual desire to achieve more and increase.

Most people don’t like or desire doing such things. They want to stay in their comfort zones. The familiarity they feel can create an illusion of safety and it also keeps one from having to think too hard about anything. The solace of routines can numb and shield them from the unknown.

Try going after something that is totally out of your comfort zone. What you will find is often an emotional and overwhelming desire to get back to safety.

Then you have a choice. You can embrace this as a new normal. It means you are growing.

Or you can panic, thrash, blame and retreat. Your comfort zones and their gravitational pull have this effect on you the further you push into the unknown.

There’s a big difference between living an intentional life and a resigned existence. You have to continually evaluate your comfort zones and get clear on what you want. If safety is what you savor, then remain where you are. You will be perfectly validated by your friends, family and coworkers.

But if you find yourself down that road of growth, then you can anticipate things will not go as planned or hoped. That would mean you have perfect insight and decision making.

And while you are failing, your comfort zones will be screaming at you. It will actually be pulling at you with ferocious gravity and temptation.

What if you didn’t react, but merely observed? Take a look at all those powerful forces acting on you. Breathe.

You might learn some things about how you relate to reality and what you really want.

You will either want to go back to what comforts you or you will want to create new comfort zones.

So, as the world around you is inevitably changing, which path do you think is more risky? Doing things that scare you or staying where you are?

Published by Don Dalrymple

I partner with founders and entrepreneurs in startup businesses. I write and consult on strategy, systems, team building and growing revenue.

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