Being in a Band

I often think about what motivates people. And when I see the opportunities in the new economy to remain modular, independent and agile, it confuses me about why people tend to gravitate towards a band, a team per se, rather than learn to be a solopreneur who is independent.

We have the tools and systems to be able to connect and build our gigs or tear them down at a whim. And the nature of the world is that we can start with an idea, test it and put something around it rather quickly. If it doesn’t work, we can break it apart, whatever we have built, and repackage or position it.

But I think there is something akin at work going on. Much like the Beatles or Rolling Stones, there’s a desire to be a part of a band. It is fun, and that feeling of camaraderie ignites our creative juices.

Being solo can be scary. It’s all on you. You don’t get to distribute the pressure, the blame or the decision making. It’s something that you have to deal with alone.

For me, I like this kind of challenge. I like advisors and talented people that augment my deficiencies. I don’t fool myself in thinking that I have all the goods to carry an idea through to its elegant fulfillment.

But I do think that I can originate an idea and work with it to bring in the resources, strategies and execution to make it work. And those things are at my fingertips in this connected world.

Maybe I’m a different creature. Being in a band creates that whole chemistry and magic for great music or art. I can see that. But I also see a lot of renowned bands breaking apart, getting sick of each other and dealing with a lot more issues than simply creating and performing music.

If you’re not a lead singer, maybe you need the band to buttress your position as the drummer or guitarist.

If you are the lead singer, why mess with the drama? You need people that support you. And that is available by simply recruiting from your network, LinkedIn or Upwork.

What am I missing as a lead singer that other band members may be seeing?

Published by Don Dalrymple

I partner with founders and entrepreneurs in startup businesses. I write and consult on strategy, systems, team building and growing revenue.

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