Rewarding Loyalty

Ever see chasers? Those people who constantly pursue others and give of themselves to people that mistreat them and others? It’s pretty pathetic to watch that kind of misplaced loyalty. Giving your best to people that take from you or cost much more emotionally than other excellent people in your life is not necessarily a problem with those takers, but it is a problem with you. You don’t reward loyalty appropriately.

I realize it’s a blunt statement, but I see the frequency so often of misplaced loyalty, I think it’s worth putting out here to reflect upon. Shouldn’t you be giving your best to those that give you their best?

Do a simple exercise. Write down 5 people that have been really good to you and have looked out for your best interests. Think about how they have been there for you and shown kindness, thoughtfulness, sacrifice and love.

Now are there any other people that you have given energy, time, attention and money to that are not in that top 5?

If there are different names in each list, why?

Something is awry with that kind of equation. Are you chasing others for approval? Do you need to be validated? Do you take the very best people in life for granted? After all, they are already in your corner.

I find doing good business over the long term, whether working with vendors, partners or employees comes down to assessing people well. Rewarding loyalty with loyalty makes for great business deals.

I like making good deals. I don’t want the short-term at the cost of the long-term. I don’t like drama or heartaches. It’s costly to have to reset projects, relationships and ventures.

It’s much better to be patient, observe people and their behaviors and reward loyalty where you find it expressed to yourself.

How’s your loyalty scorecard?

Published by Don Dalrymple

I partner with founders and entrepreneurs in startup businesses. I write and consult on strategy, systems, team building and growing revenue.

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