Use Growth Hacking To Test Your Ideas

Can you imagine simply starting 5 different entrepreneurial ideas at once? With the simple constraint of time, you would naturally minimize your risks and attention and use growth hacking strategies that would help you figure out what is worth investing further attention towards.

That’s the beauty of a world where we have digitized our positioning and products. Entrepreneurship becomes creative. Of course, you can use horsepower and money to go to market, but it’s much more risky in comparison. It’s difficult to predict what will engage and scale without seeing whether your idea will even gain the attention you imagine.

Here are a few growth hacking strategies which you can apply with little effort to see if your idea is worth further investment of your time, energy and money:

  1. Push sharing. Keep a measure on your idea in an article or Ebook and see how many shares get logged. Watch the daily metric and see if it accelerates or decelerates. Use the metric as a way to gauge whether to tweak your presentation, or to see if the idea even has legs.
  2. Get hired to perform. You may be selling a product or platform. How about seeing if you can build success via using the tool yourself. Start with consulting gigs where you use your tools to prove their value. Noone can argue with success. And you gain insights for refining your product from real-world use.
  3. Give points. Think about the things that matter to you. Everyone using your invention or getting widespread buzz. Incentivize with a simple point system around the behaviors you desire and bake it into your distribution model. Make the tiers for rewards easy and publicize the wins to create a viral effect.
  4. Bake in invitations. Designing an easy way to invite friends to engage or look at something with an easy interface to put in email addresses or pull from a Google Contacts list makes each user a node to many others. Present the invitation in a natural part of the flow. You can even build and track invitations as referrals that give cash or free months of use.

These strategies can be used virtually or adapted to hard goods. Making the product delivery a carrier of the marketing takes a bit of creativity and work, but it saves you the hard work of tactical selling. You get your fans to sell for you.

What kind of growth hacking strategies are you employing around your ideas?

Published by Don Dalrymple

I grow businesses through partnerships and executive coaching. I work with partners and clients on strategy, systems, team building and growing revenue.

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