Find the Disproportionate Sales Channel

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The power law is alive and well. If you have not figured it out already and are one of those souls insisting in a flatter, linear and evenly distributed world, your aspirations might be highly elusive and frustrating.

For whoever has will be given more, and they will have an abundance. Whoever does not have, even what they have will be taken from them. ~ Matthew 25:29

The natural world shows us repeatedly that there is disproportionate reward. It’s hard to embrace this if on the one had we are looking for stasis – routines, monthly mortgage payments, stable food prices, predictable friendships. We can set up our businesses and life to have constants.

However, that can be in vain if we see continuous volatility as we are today. What worked a few years ago is irrelevant and does not work so well today. And the speed by which obsolescence is occurring has left many well-intentioned people left wondering what happened.

There are channels that work right now. It may not be forever, but looking for where the currents are moving is a much better strategy than grinding out a sale here or there. It’s better than simply working harder and hoping nothing changes.

Look where people are buying in your market. Look at how they are buying. Then set up the deals, sales process and positioning to work in that disproportionate space.

This is strategic thinking. You have to use your powers of observations rather than an insistence on what may have happened in the past or how you think it should work. There’s only reality served on a cold plate.

There is a disproportionate sales channel that will work much better if you stop and think it through.

What do you think it is or moving towards in your industry?

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