Selling By Being Organized

Most people can’t manage everything coming at them.

IBM used to train their salespeople with the BANT method:





It’s still an excellent framework to ensure you are selling to people that can say, “Yes!”

However, that last item, “timing,” is a big variable today. We work within much more chaos and the vast majority of businesspeople are disorganized. Their inboxes are flowing with thousands of emails. They may or may not respond to texts or voicemails.

Most people are better at reacting than leading. The FIFO – first in, first out – approach is the typical behavior to people who are buried under a mountain of open loops, information and options.

So, try this selling strategy. It’s easier than trying to change the world:

  1. Observe a day of the week when people seem to be paying attention.
  2. Schedule in your follow-up activities within your calendar those optimal times.
  3. Ping people via email and texts during these times.
  4. Call on your next ideal follow-up times.
  5. Keep observing the best timing that makes sense.

Showing up at the right times with frequency is tactical, for sure. But it’s the way of the world.

It may be a long while before we have efficient, productive people. The greater outcome may be that those that can’t respond or act with decisiveness will likely fall out of play in the new economy.

In the mean time, it’s better to get deals done by appreciating that fact that the vast majority accepts being in chaos and respond best when you are the squeaky wheel at the right time.

What timing do you use in your sales follow-up?

Published by Don Dalrymple

I grow businesses through partnerships and executive coaching. I work with partners and clients on strategy, systems, team building and growing revenue.

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