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Most people are in utter chaos. Try calling someone today in the middle of the day and a random sampling will show you how frenzied and reactive most people are operating. Our heads are spinning from the ridiculous amount of information, most which does not matter. But we still have to give attention to the requests, ideas and project work coming at us.

Do you want to solve the problem? It requires a commitment to productivity and speed. Hiding behind the overwhelming work just makes it less desirable to do business with you otherwise.

Speed is something you can gain in your workflow, but you have to acknowledge the problem – you are slow and overwhelmed.

How about learning to become fast and far ahead of the game? You have to want it. Without this, then it’s just an existence of catch-up and mediocre output.

What if you could be 5-10x faster at email? What if you could make space and time for thinking creatively rather than just getting through tasks?

You need training to make that happen. Training used to be formal and large companies had official programs to help knowledge workers move through management, productivity and projects.

Today, you’re on your own. Noone is telling you what to do. They just marginalize you and avoid doing business with you.

Consider fixing the problem and do a deep dive once and for all to get a return forever. You will spend years working. But will you be able to move efficiently day in and day out?

Want to be faster? Connect with me and I’ll show you a path to productivity. Put it to rest by getting the asset that matters more and more in this age of choice.

Published by Don Dalrymple

I partner with founders and entrepreneurs in startup businesses. I write and consult on strategy, systems, team building and growing revenue.

2 thoughts on “Solve Your Slow Workflow Now

  1. Good reading Don,

    You have been 10x’ing your writing these days – good job!



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