Assume What Worked Before is Not True Anymore

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It can be overwhelming and plain daunting when you look at the speed of how media, attention and content work. The same is true for sales, entrepreneurship and business building.

You have the problem of exponential change around you and our brains don’t lean this way naturally. We like to think progress is slow, not astronomical.

The change is happening so quickly because we have network effects at work. If you put a platform like Uber in play, you may have a few customers and a few drivers. But when the model gets popular and accelerates, you have millions of transactions because of habit, ease of access, increase in inventory/supply and growing demand.

Anyone and everyone can become an Uber customer.

The same goes for media. You can start posting Tweets and work hard it. You are just competing against many more people than in 2010. The rules change because there are simply way more people and not an increase in attention.

You can send more emails, however, you are one in about 200 per day in everyone’s inbox.

You can call more people, but everyone has caller ID and the ability to block you.

You can go to more trade shows, but its a worn-out channel with most people walking away with no deals – vendors and visitors both.

We have too much of everything. It’s easy for anyone to start a channel or be their own media company. People are too busy to give you attention.

Yet, you may keep looking for an old tactic to work because it worked a couple years ago. Can you step back and appreciate that everyone else caught on? It’s crowded and you enjoyed a window, not a permanence, of opportunity.

Your sales strategy is not a one and done. That’s because you are competing against the world. Everyone can connect for cheap or free. It’s not hard.

The hard part is becoming relevant. And that’s best done by becoming a signal within the noise.

You may have to analyze or continually reinvent. The market is churning constantly and there’s not much choice. The one thing that is for sure is that what you find working for now will likely dry up as every0ne else catches on.

Want a new strategy? What’s not working that used to?

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