Growth Hacking with Testing in These 6 Sales Channels


Selling your products or services today in an overcrowded, inattentive marketplace has a high degree of difficulty for sure. You may have the best offering, but what does that mean if you can’t connect and get people to pay attention?

If you break down sales into channels and testing, you can create a growth hacking strategy which helps you pick the best option for going to market.

You have a limited set of ways to sell:

  1. Direct selling. You may need to build a sales team, manage them, pay them and get them to use a CRM to track what is going on. Very difficult but may be worth it for control and engagement.
  2. Social media selling. Consistency is the key here. You don’t just show up and simply sell. You have to get people to tune in by subscribing or liking. Your posts and tweets have a half life so being continuous and consistent is critical.
  3. Affiliate networks. Sharing commissions and incentivizing using the carrot are your tools. You have to spread your net wide knowing most people are good for a deal here or there because of the lack of control and commitment.
  4. Paid advertising. You can immediately post ads on Facebook, Twitter and Google Adwords. But you have to set up process, analyze conversions and refine the sales funnel continuously to find the optimum points.
  5. Networking. Business is people and developing relationships works. But it takes time and attention. It doesn’t fit with all products but it does fit with a large amount. People are so busy they don’t want to stop and meet for lunch, coffee or networking events. Time is precious. Networking in a way that respects time is what works today.
  6. Organic sales conversion.  Knowing your numbers, getting found and converting on each step in a sales funnel to create predictability is a long game but has payoff. You have to use predictive analytics and understand behaviors.

If you break your business model down to these six options for selling, assess how people could buy your product and service naturally, then you can start testing a model on a small scale and take it to its logical end.

Your growth hacking strategy is to design a good test for the selling strategy you think applies to come to a conclusion on where to go big in your selling approach.

What sales strategy can you test on a small scale to find out what to commit to?

Published by Don Dalrymple

I grow businesses through partnerships and executive coaching. I work with partners and clients on strategy, systems, team building and growing revenue.

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