A Productivity Strategy for Freedom and Agility


We have so much today that our grandparents could not even fathom. The resources we have access to and the new sharing economy make possessing items a liability. Techcrunch captured our reality well in its article, Life, by subscription.

From my vantage point, it is all the reason to consider why it’s not so great to own things in your business:

  1. Obsolescence is happening at a ridiculous pace. Your stuff gets old and outdated quickly.
  2. Subscriptions are extremely cheap or convenient whether for software, automation or even financing on cars and office equipment.
  3. You are continually changing. You are assembling, disassembling and reinventing as everything around you keeps changing.

We don’t need to acquire things. We need to use them for what’s in front of us. Work is about projects that come together with all kinds of people at various times.

So, what if you take inventory of all the hard goods around you and simply discard the ones you have not used in a while. Upgrade the ones that need to get current.

Move your business to the cloud and subscribe to systems, software and tools that make sense. Don’t use more than you need. Cancel subscriptions that don’t make sense. Most businesses and entrepreneurs can build an empire using Google Apps alone. And you likely don’t need printing, phones, servers, fax machines or a lot of other items that may have made sense in a previous age.

See if you can reinvent your workflow to minimize anything tangible as well as get out of the IT business. We live in a service world. So use the services to get to your goals.

The strategic advantage you gain is the ability to pivot with agility when you want to pursue something new or your market suddenly changes based on outside forces you cannot control, much less anticipate.

Shifting to a consumer mindset where you own nothing and control everything can take out an immense amount of friction coming from upkeep and maintenance of things that don’t matter.

What if you had that freedom? You controlled things but didn’t own them? How could you do this now?

Published by Don Dalrymple

I partner with founders and entrepreneurs in startup businesses. I write and consult on strategy, systems, team building and growing revenue.

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