Find Your Clues Pay Your Dues

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Want to know what you should do and do with everything you got?

Find your clues. Pay your dues.

That’s a message my wife recently heard from Jen Hatmaker in a speech to a large audience looking for direction.

It’s great advice to get on with the business of knowing what you should do. Finding your clues means knowing what you are good at and what your strengths are. Most people are simply guessing, but I will be the evidence is continually before you. Your clues keep showing up. There are things that are easy and valuable. Then there are things that are hard and not valuable.

The ones that are in-between: hard and valuable and easy and not valuable can confuse us.

When you see performers, athletes, politicians and everyone we see on media, they figured out what was valuable and easy to them. They had a special quality in that area. Then they got to work. They saw the clues and then paid the dues.

My first piece of business coaching advice is to stop guessing. Get a strengths test, know what is easy and stay away from what is hard.

Then figure out where your strengths are valued.

Then get to work and grind it out with happiness and consistency day in and day out.

We live in a world where being well-rounded is pretty overrated. Your school teachers, media elites and many well-meaning mentors lied to you. Well-rounded is not going to do much for you in a hypercompetitive world.

The world values and pays for sharp, not well-rounded. And your best bet is to figure out what comes easy and is valuable. You can waste a lot of energy and time playing outside of this framework.

Want to know where you should pay your dues and get a clue?

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One thought on “Find Your Clues Pay Your Dues

  1. Cute! Very cool article.

    You were amazing in knocking these out this week!!

    Miss you much. 🙂

    Sonya Dalrymple


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