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I posted some ideas on how to work with business owners over at the Huffington Post as an author there.

Not everyone is an entrepreneur. A person’s fear and personality largely hold back most people from making the decisions and taking the actions necessary to make an idea happen.

Personally, I have found that business owners are my type of people. They push to solve problems and have that remarkable resilience to push through the inevitable difficulties of guiding a business towards revenue generation.

And if they decide to take on employees as part of their venture, they shoulder that responsibility of making the big decisions for efficiency and money-making.

The business exists to serve its customers. And in so doing, the pressure of delivering with consistency and extreme value is at the forefront of the business owners mind. Who else wants that responsibility? Only other owners.

We are living in an economy that is gaining ever-increasing efficiency. Thus, companies are becoming flatter, or for that matter, flattened. Leaner organizations with less headcount is commonplace because we have tools and systems to make what was once prohibitive and expensive possible.

And business ownership is becoming both frequent and necessary as jobs end.

If you get that opportunity to work with business owners or build your own venture, know that it is the sweet spot for opportunity and growth. It’s where the action is happening.

Learn to service business owners by studying what matters. It may mean getting out of your own head and priorities to align with what matters to owners.

Ultimately, the leaner economy favors those that are thinking directly about how to bring value in a rare way. Niches continually form from this reality of our connected economy and what is common or easily replicable keeps fading into irrelevance and commoditization.

Learn to become or relate to the business owner.

How can you do this better?

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I partner with founders and entrepreneurs in startup businesses. I write and consult on strategy, systems, team building and growing revenue.

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