How can you reposition or repackage your brand?

You don’t have to do business the way you are set up currently. You could take the same core value you sell and repackage how you present your wares and skills to the market. The position you are in was a choice. Maybe it was practical. Early on someone asked for a price. You named it and that set you on a trajectory.

Your current position became tradition. And our habits and choices are hard to change once established unless there’s a need to change the form factor.

What if you doubled or tripled your price? Have you tried this exercise?

You may have to reposition your offering to enhance the value perception. Or your product may need more features and benefits.

The hard thinking to explore your option are only limited by your imagination and willingness.

Repackaging your offering can allow you to have more revenue for less effort. And that is good for the market. You can focus more on value than on paying your bills. You have less to manage in headcount, systems or clients. You can focus more.

Furthermore, you are forcing yourself to innovate by disrupting business as usual. You have to have vision and conviction that you can bring more and you are worth it.

Nothing sits still. The world is always changing and forces are acting on you and your business. If you are sitting on your laurels, you will become commoditized over time.

If you are asking how to bring more value, then you are innovating. This is the research and development we must all do continually to remain relevant. It’s good for you and for your customers. Seek to repackage continually and demand more of yourself so you can be worth more to others.

How can you repackage to be worth more?

Published by Don Dalrymple

I partner with founders and entrepreneurs in startup businesses. I write and consult on strategy, systems, team building and growing revenue.

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