You Should Not Be in Chaos


If you are in continual chaos, why? Do you simply accept reality as one giant mess? Week after week is simply reactive and full of open loops?

Yes, business can be overwhelming in our connected economy. We can all create work for each other rather quickly.

However, when you think of your workflow, then you can anticipate how demands, information and projects will come into your life. If you are the bottleneck it is because you have not set up an approach to doing business efficiently.

This can be solved.

But you have to care about solving it first. Some reasons people don’t solve this obvious and continuous problem:

  • They aren’t paying attention
  • They have an out as an excuse
  • They are used to losing
  • They are comfortable reacting rather than leading
  • They don’t know there is a way
  • They don’t value productivity and collaboration

Your personal productivity is the foundation for money-making. You have to ensure that you are not simply showing up being a secretary in life by reacting to the chaos other people create.

Chaos keeps you and your team from becoming an Ultimate Selling Machine. People that are ready have space to think creatively, bring more value to their customers and take advantage of opportunities when they inevitably come around.

The goal of your business is to get and keep customers. And if you are in continual chaos, how can you really make money optimally around this goal? You are missing out on all those wonderful opportunities because chaos is ruining your days and obscuring your view of what is possible.

Chaos is not normal. And your opportunities await if you believe this and commit to eradicating chaos.

Who knows what the next week will bring. If you care enough to be ready and align your life and business to respond to chaos, then you will have opened up the world for yourself.

Do you care to solve the problem?

Published by Don Dalrymple

I partner with founders and entrepreneurs in startup businesses. I write and consult on strategy, systems, team building and growing revenue.

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