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“If you are not authentic and passionate about what you do, someone who is will overtake you effortlessly.” ~ Raj Rawat

Drifting is a sad existence. You go through the motions and live an unfulfilled life. You’re not only robbing yourself of great possibilities in this extremely short life, but the world doesn’t get your best.

My friend, Raj, has a short series he has been working and put out his first book above, Find Your Everest to stir passions and get people focused on bigger and clearer thinking. For without that, life gets frustrating quickly. You underperform and bring low energy and output to the things you do.

I like the call to pursue a big, scary goal. Your senses come alive and you have to make success happen. Going big and getting clear is where you have to start and your mind, emotions and focus line up rather quickly.

What the heck are you pursuing? Have you plateaued from a bit of success? Or are you still drifting without a clear Everest to pursue?

The question put forth in this book is a first priority. I have walked the journey of defining and pursuing my own Everests in business and life and Raj is right,

“When people get connected to their purpose, they become mindful of time. Distractions fade away and fall off. Their minds don’t leave any bandwidth for unimportant things.”

The message is succinct, clear and with conviction. We have a lot of noise in this world and this is a message that is a signal in the noise. Well worth an hour or two to take in the insights, path and call that could send you on a strategic trajectory.

Published by Don Dalrymple

I partner with founders and entrepreneurs in startup businesses. I write and consult on strategy, systems, team building and growing revenue.

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