Relationships Are Everything

“I’m confident if I lost everything today and had to start over, I could do it just as well—or better—considering what I know now. I’ve learned that relationships are everything, and my relationships are better than 10 years ago, so it wouldn’t be a problem. When you’ve built relationships from being in service and adding value to others, there will always be opportunities and support available for you.” ~ Lewis Howes

That’s from someone that has lived a bit and knows how the world works in his recent interview on Early to Rise.

I like to ask myself regularly,

“Am I adding value?”

“Am I valuable to others?”

“Do I like the people I work with?”

It’s a barometer of whether I am on track living congruently, freely and with conviction.

Money happens to be a natural benefit when I am being valuable to others and increasing my own value.

And, I think if you are efficient, you tend to avoid working with people you don’t like. Too much cost and grief.

The holidays are upon us and as you get some down time, perhaps you can take an inventory of your relationships. Are they what you want them to be? Can you upgrade your relationships and add value to some solid, worthy and likable people?

When we are in the grind pushing hard, it’s often hard to reflect and see if we are truly doing what we want.

It is about relationships and the great thing is that you can choose who you want to exchange value with.

I want good, solid people in my life. It makes it fun and motivating to give my best and be my best. I hope you can do likewise.

Published by Don Dalrymple

I grow businesses through partnerships and executive coaching. I work with partners and clients on strategy, systems, team building and growing revenue.

4 thoughts on “Relationships Are Everything

  1. Good subject. Since we strive to trim bad customers, add good ones, why aren’t we doing the same with relationships? This applies both to personal and business relationships. Merry Christmas Don!

  2. Sometimes I forget how important business relationships are. I throw out excuses of why I can’t invest in good relationships. Don, you’ve reminded me that I can’t afford to NOT invest in relationships! Keep your words of wisdom coming my way!

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