Do You Have Any Idea?

I was sharing with a friend the other day about the film, Ford V Ferrari. I love this scene between Matt Damon’s character, Carroll Shelby, and Christian Bale’s character, Ken Miles.

The tension between various agendas, respect for protocol and the politics of racing and cars are complex between Ford Motor Company executives, racing managers and pure talent.

“Do you have any idea the kind of shit I had to eat just to get four wheels on that grid?”

“No, you don’t because you don’t deal with any of that stuff.”

We can hate ourselves for having to make compromises. We can love ourselves for being purists. Individualism vs. team player?

It’s a great flick to think about how you look at the bigger picture to make goals happen. I loved the complexity of the interactions. Hope  you can enjoy it if you haven’t seen the film during this time of Covid-19.

Published by Don Dalrymple

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