Direct Clear Advice

I love Neville Medhora’s tips.

It means being reflective, strategic and sensical. It’s valid for wherever you are at. Sometimes, we can fool ourselves or walk around in a fog. The 9 pieces of advice are pithy and his explanations are compelling:

  1. Do lots of “experiments.”
  2. You’re gonna die. Plan life backwards.
  3. Start a blog.
  4. Listen to people who walk the walk.
  5. Become a Triple Threat.
  6. Start an “Investment Account.” Put 10-30% of money.
  7. Take more notes than others.
  8. Go through a small day trading phase.
  9. Go to areas with lots of brain power.

I like real people that have known results.

Published by Don Dalrymple

I am a management consultant to business owners, executives and entrepreneurs. I write and speak on systems, strategy and leadership on my blog and help empower business clients to achieve their goals for revenue and efficiency. I live a life of adventure and work with business clients all over the world from remote locations to help them start and grow their businesses.

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