Build Your Own Institution

I was reading an email from a friend about one solution to the tyranny vs. freedom agendas at play in our society. The solution is to create our own institutions to escape propaganda and dummying down our kids. I gave some tips previously about how I am participating to help my own village.

I like the priorities we can set up for our kids:

How to speak effectively
How to manage money
How to run a home business

Entrepreneurship is an institution that plays outside the social norms and provides a path to freedom. But, you have to be intentional to provide the path and means for learning the mindset and skills towards independence.

Start with designing intake of content and skill building on the skills of thinking well, speaking well and writing well. Those are critical for access and freedom.

If you just want to be part of the system, not think, feel secure and abide by the rules, of course, simply go with the institutional flow. It’s all set up and you are not expected to be anything more than a compliant worker.

However, if you want to be intentional about the life of freedom you want, especially for your kids, get strategic. Design the path accordingly.

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