50+ Things We Love About Don


You are so loved! I invited people to share one thing they love about you, and wow, what a tribute. We all feel so lucky to be a part of your life. Thank you for loving us all so well! We wish you the best 50th birthday weekend and are excited for the next half of your life! – Sonya 🙂

But before the list, we also received this awesome Happy Birthday compilation of wishes from friends and family far and near! Thank you, Gabe and Amy Nakos for making this surprise happen!

  1. I feel so lucky to be Don’s soulmate. He’s my best friend, and he’s been the best husband and father. I love his genuine faith in the Lord, his deep, sacrificial love for me and our kids, and his natural draw towards FUN and more (and less ;). He’s a noble, honorable man, and a true friend to so many. – Sonya Dalrymple
  2. I love his ruthless dedication to winning, and endless love for God and our family. He’s the epitome of a leader, and the 42% of his life I’ve been a part of has been the best 100% of mine I could’ve asked for. – Gabe Dalrymple 
  3. My dad is awesome! I love his love, patience, and intensity. – Isaac Dalrymple
  4. I love dad’s energetic spirit always pushing for something new and better. – Jadyn Dalrymple
  5. I love Don because he loves God; he is a great husband, dad, & a son to me; he is relentless, determined & hardworking; he is a motivator & optimist; where do I stop? – Dad Cortez
  6. I appreciate how Don has always treated me with kindness and understanding. – Mom Cortez 
  7. Ferociously loyal and wonderfully supportive. Always driven to solve and simplify. -James Denman
  8. Don! I love how you always greet us with a smile and your eyes light up. You give a person your whole attention; when you’re there, you’re there and you invest in that person in that moment. I have loved being part of you “mature” years 🙂 and watching you continue growing into an awesome man, I’m grateful to get to call you friend. – Sarah Denman
  9. He is generosity. Organizes his life so he can give his ear, his resources, his prayers, and his time. Thankful. – Heather Hall
  10. He is always up for a challenge, always up for a deep conversation, always up for a tennis hit, always up for a happy hour and always up for fun! – Steve VanHook
  11. I was looking for this description of an Eight because this is who I know Don to be! “Eights are eager to support people who want to realize their potential. They know how to empower and bring out the best in others. and they’ll block or tackle to help someone get to where they want to go in life. All they ask is that you show up and give 150 percent of yourself to reaching the goal. When Eights are in a healthy space they’re a blast. They laugh easily, entertain generously and tell the kind of jokes that make you donkey snort. But they are serious competitors as well. Whether you’re playing against them in the finals at Wimbledon or just in a chummy game of croquet on the front lawn, you’ll soon discover that Eights hate to lose more than they love to win…” Love you Don! – DeeDee VanHook
  12. I love how Don listens to all sides of an issue and then calmly and rationally shares his thoughts and opinions after listening to everyone. I love that he doesn’t leave things open ended.  And I admire how he challenges his family and friends to make the best of every moment. – Annette Bond
  13. Don is a great listener!  You feel comfortable sharing your heart. And of course his faith, generosity, and his making the most of life. :-D. – Kathy Toney
  14. I love that Don is the kind it man who will burn the ships to do his highest form of good no matter the cost. I first witnessed this 15 years ago when he dissolved a partnership with a giant of a man because it wasn’t right for Don. Next, was when I saw him trade what the flesh considers success for what real success is by traveling the country with his young family and sacrificing to choose to live the life most only dream but never have the courage to do. Third was when I saw him make the conscious choice to work on his own soul and trade some or the grind for grace and perhaps pain for patience. More recently when he had health concerns with his blood pressure, as he always will, he immediately paid the price and changed his habits, choices and routine. Then most recently when his own children are in need, he stops at nothing to do everything within his power to solve the problem. Don is a rare man who will burn the ships of yesterday at a moment’s notice if he determines that’s the highest form of good. I’ve never really met a man like him. He has been such an inspiration to me, to my family and to many others and he will always pay the price. Happy birthday Don. You’ve helped change the world for many of us and I know you will always be the kind of man who will continue to burn the ships of yesterday to focus on what’s required today. – Chad Brooks
  15. I love that Don is always radiating joy and love. He’s a beacon of light for everyone around him. We are so thankful to be considered family/great friends to the Dalrymple family. We love you. – Laura Brooks
  16. Don has great energy. It always feels good hanging around him, he pumps you up and gives you the courage to be the best YOU. He is spontaneous, and always up for anything! He’s super athletic, a bit competitive, he will push you to play your best! Don will always call you out on your bullshit! But most importantly, Don is a true friend with a good heart – Sarah and John Graham
  17. What I love about Don (and Sonya). Is there a proper synonym for everything? We love you guys, your family, and the adventure we have yet to travel. – Russ & Sue Curran
  18. We love Don’s complimentary ways. He is the first to share his positive support surrounding family life. We also love Don on the golf course, pickleball and tennis court, a game of bags or heck even drinking whiskey, wine and beer. His competitive nature and dedication to his craft is second to none! – Aaron & Kelly Boyd
  19. I have always admired Don’s determination. He is a man I would always want at my side in any battle. He’s loyal and never runs from a fight. – Andy Komarek
  20. I love Don’s encouraging words, his curiosity, his optimistic outlook, and his boundless energy! There’s a lot to love about him!! – Robin Shafer
  21. Don is a warrior, a man of many words. So I have some for him! Continue to  share your contagious love! You are salt and light in this sometimes dark and tasteless world …50 is a very important number in the Bible. Number 50 is a symbol of freedom, release and new cycle. Every 50 years in the day of Atonement people needed to honor the Jubilee, a day when all the loans and debts were forgotten and forgiven to the one who took a debt, and all the slaves were released, and all the things taken were turned back to people they belonged to. It was a day when harmony was established. I pray that today is a new beginning for you and your family. May God’s favor continue to shine on your family and may the Lord of the breakthrough get to work and allow the next chapter to be glorified. Love you brother in Christ! The Conan’s
  22. All I get is one? Just one thing I love about Don? Well, you’re getting two… authenticity and go go go. Don tells it like it is. He doesn’t put makeup on it or dance around the hard parts. His authenticity is second to none. And I love you for that, Don! And then there’s your freaking GO GO GO. Board, run, tennis, walk, eat, drink, pickleball… all in one day. We love you and your whole family. Yep, the way you father your kids, sitting them down, giving them important life skills that will guide them their whole lives. Okay there’s three. Sorry not sorry. I love you brother, Betsy Dewey.
  23. So many things to love about Don, how can you not love him?  He is one special human. We love his dedication to his family, friends, faith and everything in his life. He is unlike no other. Happiest of Birthdays, Don! Have the most special day! – Gary & Vickie Helm! 
  24. No one can distill a situation and give the straight facts better or faster than Don. He is curious and wicked smart with a mental processing speed of a race car. I value his honesty, willingness to help, brain power, mean pickleball game, but most of all his love for his family, friends and community. – Amy Nakos
  25. I love the way Don is always optimistic and rolls with the punches…his I’ve got this because the Lord’s got me attitude. And Don has a great smile that just lights up his face. Happy Birthday, Don! – Autumn Lui
  26. I love that Don is always seeking an adventure. He doesn’t need to overthink and plan things out to have a good time. He just does them at a moment’s notice which I admire. I think we all could learn from this and just go out there and experience life and do the things you love to do when you get the urge. – Michael Dalrymple
  27. Don—-there are so many things to love and admire about you. I love your commitment to Christ, to your wife and to your children. You dive in head first to tackle any problem, personal or professional. You listen to understand yet don’t back down from the tough stuff even if you don’t see eye to eye. I love the 8 challenger in you and your work to understand yourself better. And then the sports…. You are a go-getter and I love it in tennis and pickle! I wish you the best in celebrating 50 years of a full life with friends and family. Happy Birthday Don—Suzy Martinek
  28. Inherited talents, spiritual gifts and developed skills all come together to make us unique people. A big aspect of Don’s uniqueness is his ability  to magnify and amplify others’ uniqueness. Don throws gas on the fires of who we are and where we are going and is a blessing to me and those he crosses paths with. – Lee
  29. Hi, from the Thein Crew! Happy 50th and what a great life the Lord has lead you through this far. Our family is thankful for your genuine love and care for the Lord and his people. You are always so willing to help give great advice. I actually still have the note you gave me one Sunday while I was going to Chemo. It has since stayed in there and often shows up as I flip through the pages. So thanks, it is so encouraging! Happy 50th!
  30. I love Don’s presence when he walks into the room. You can feel that he genuinely wants to help inspire people to be their absolute very best and you know that he came from a place of self reflection and struggles yet he never gives up and likes to win….for whom does he compete? For himself, for his family, for God. Love you, Don! You’re a superhero as I know your story is not out there but you don’t want anyone else to struggle and you are a shining example of someone who will help if someone is willing to help themselves. Thank God for you! Amen – Twee 
  31. Don’s ability to be present and show a genuine, deep sense of care in the most selfless ways is my favorite thing about him.  I also draw a great deal of inspiration in his gusto for adventure.  He’s a passionate, natural leader who I would not hesitate to follow and love to be around. – John C.
  32. We love Don’s love for snowboarding 🏂 and how he can shred 😊- Troy and Amy Heflin
  33. I love Don for his genuine good and honest nature. I felt a solid connection and friendship when I met him. It has been consistent and truthful since. Mark Gerhardt 
  34. I love how Don is so intentional. When you are with him, you know he genuinely cares about you and what you are going through. – Jaime Beard 
  35. Don you are one of a kind bro.  I love how you live life with passion for Christ and love for Sonya and your kids.  You’re an amazing husband and dad.  Keep climbing mountains and facing life’s challenges head on.  You are a blessing to me and my family and I know God has in store for you an amazing second chapter for your life.  50!  Wow, who would’ve imagined we’d be here so soon.  You beat me to it, I’ll see you there in 4 years.  – Edward Lui
  36. Don is one of the most insightful people I have ever met – with a rare combination of empathy, wisdom and drive. He inspires me and I’m glad our paths crossed – Andy Ambrose
  37. Don’s superpower is Super Vision which truly sets him apart. His ability to see what others don’t and to focus on it is remarkable. It’s like having a built-in compass guiding him towards success. His exceptional ability to envision the future and set clear goals has inspired me and I am sure many many more people! Don paves the way for others to follow their dreams. I also love how he lights up when he talks about Sonya and their kids. You can tell he loves being a husband and a father! –  Erin Robison 
  38. Don, You are a man who pours your life into those around you. Your love for your family is powerfully evident every time I’m around you. I also personally appreciate your direct approach to confusion-the way you ask poignant questions. – Ty Humphries
  39. It is encouraging to be around Don. He is genuinely interested in each person he is with and it shows. He pursues people through wanting to know them on a much deeper, more real level. I truly appreciate this about Don. I always feel important when I am around him (and his wonderful wife). – Rebecca Humphries 
  40. I have always appreciated Don’s boldness. I have fond memories of him approaching other college students to boldly  share about Jesus. He knows his maker and his confidence is in Him. He is willing to go against the grain and do what is right and best for his family even if it doesn’t look like the world around him. – Molly Wainio
  41. I love the initiative Don takes in his pursuit of the Lord and life. He has always struck me as someone who actively embraces life, experiences, and learning as he seeks to follow Him! – Leesa Coutant
  42.  I love that Don is 50 years old and looks mid thirties! – Adam and Jen Thompson
  43. Don – What an amazing man to celebrate. Don’s not a friend so easily persuaded, but for the fortunate ones he’s a loyal fighter that will be in your corner until the end of time. He sets the gold standard in fatherhood, friendship, mentorship, soulmate for Sonya and even Pickleball! Don puts God at the center of his life. It’s evident in all that he does and says. You can see and feel the armor of God when you’re near Don and it’s comforting to be around. He has no remorse or fear in discussing the Lord, with anyone, anywhere, anytime and he’s touched many lives by speaking the truth and taking risks when others might have kept quiet in those moments. We will forever cherish the friendship and memories that have been forged with blood, sweat and some tears over the years and we are so looking forward to seeing him continue to bless so many people for the next 50 years. Here’s to the past, present and beautiful future for our beloved, Don. Final thought, he’s a snappy dresser, makes black look good and always has nice looking shoes! – Greg Burnette
  44. Don, you’re truly one of a kind. You love God, your family and your friends fiercely. I feel incredibly blessed to be a part of your inner circle. You are both loyal and genuine in a rare way that’s difficult to find and to put into words. I love that you’re a Yes man, always willing to go out of your way to help the people you love and to show up with a great attitude!   I admire your minimalist ways and aspire to be more like you to truly focus on what matters. Your wife and kids adore you and you mean the world to more people than you know. Your impact on this world is BIG! There are few people in my life who know me as well as you and I’m so thankful for the authentic friendship Greg and I have with you and Sonya, through all we’ve experienced together…through prayer, parenting, tears, cheers, lots of laughs, some heated debates, time on the mountain, snowboarding, hiking, off-roading, pickleball, sharing great food and wine…lots of wine;) I love you like a brother and pray that on your 50th Birthday you feel loved beyond words and know that God has big plans for you for the next half of your life!!! – Michelle Burnette
  45. I am most grateful for and love about Don that he has been a faithful friend over many years and been both kind and challenging to me even when it has come with a cost to him.  I love so many of the things mentioned in the previous notes.The two things I add, that I do not see highlighted as much in these notes, are this – 1) Don has continued to love on the church and body of Christ in spite of being deeply wronged when he was relatively young in the faith  2) He has been a faithful zealot at biblically loving on Sonya and his children. – Mike Hernberg
  46. Don is someone who always inspired me to be the best version of myself and made me feel like I could accomplish anything in life- personal and business. His zest for life is unstoppable and I love the way he takes on obstacles like a Dr. Seuss book. Haha. So Don, I’ll leave you with this Dr. Seuss quote from Oh the Places You’ll Go, which pretty much sums up the next 50 years of your life, so get ready: “You’re off to Great Places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, So… get on your way. Oh the places you’ll go! There is fun to be done! There are points to be scored. There are games to be won. And the magical things you can do with that ball will make you the winning-est winner of all.” Happy 50 years around the sun, Don. Cheers and blessings to you on this day and many more to come! God bless you, Sonya, Gabe, Issac and Jadyn. Love, My-Cherie❤️
  47. Don has discernment to recognize when conventional wisdom does not make sense and he has the courage to act in a way that does not follow the herd.  This allows him to live the best version of himself and to be a great leader for his family and a great friend to others.  – Jared Beard
  48. Wow! Happy birthday, brother! Don, what a fun ride it’s been so far, and you’re always up for whatever comes next. We have had many adventures over the years. I’ve always enjoyed the last minute Colorado ski trips with the family and spontaneous late night business strategy sessions. You have always been so open, kind and giving, with the ability to drive people to be their best selves. I love how you live life to the fullest and then some more. Cheers to the best yet to come! – Phillip Dewey
  49. I am very grateful for Don. He has helped me so much overcome being stuck in life and in business. He has such a great love for the Lord and brings that into all he does. I appreciate all you have helped me with over the years! Hope this is your best birthday yet! – Kristy Barber
  50. I love Don because he is a speaker of truth and his heart desires to honor God. – Michelle Malory 
  51. The Man, the Myth, the Mystical Mountaineer. A living legend in his own right. A powerful energy force for good and righteousness. Don is also a body double for Todd Mohr of Big Head Todd.  And, he can finally get around the golf course with pride!  We love you Don!  – The Nakos Clan!!
  52. We love Don’s unstoppable can do attitude. No matter the situation there are always options. Don taught me that you just need to consider for a moment what they are and choose the correct one. There are always options. – the Rizzos. 

Anonymous Posts 🙂

  • Dad Extraordinaire
  • One of a Kind
  • Nice Guy
  • Damn Cool
  • Always Positive
  • Lives Fiercely
  • Really Wise 
  • Young for an Old Guy
  • Makes Good Choices=Sonya:)
  • People Person
  • Loves Fiercely
  • Everyone’s Friend

Also, here’s Don’s list of 50 Things I Have Learned at 50!

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