Agency Project Management Software For Marketing Firms

job costsTime tracking and project management tools are abundant.  Marketing firms tend to use simple tools like FunctionFox to get the job done, however, they soon find that there are limitations to handle the nature of the custom work, requirements and client interactions.

Marketing agencies operate differently.  Whether multimedia jobs, websites, advertising or any other creative work is required, there are various parts of the the project management for a marketing firm which remain unfulfilled with standard software.

Consider another approach to helping you manage your client projects. is the leading customizable software on the market.  It can be customized to run your agency processes beyond sales and marketing.  How you do project management is also a completely customizable way to build the kind of systems and process you have been seeking.

Consider an agency like Aars | Wells in Dallas that had tried all the different marketing agency project management and time tracking software solutions.  They still struggled to keep all the projects delivered on time, under budget with requirements.

They saw the capability of and hired AscendWorks to help customize their software to manage their projects.  We worked collaboratively to create the workflow and process which worked for their marketing firm.  Things which were important included:

  • Job costing to understand profitability and mark-ups
  • Sending estimates for jobs and bidding
  • Invoicing when a job was won and keeping transactions inside the customer record
  • Assigning tasks for required jobs to team members and subcontractors
  • Tracking time for billing
  • Keeping graphics and documents in one job record

Your own marketing agency may have a lot of different ways you manage projects.  That is the beauty of customizing to help you with project management your way.  The system is online, secure and accessible to your team wherever they are at.  You can set up how your customers are notified and not only deliver on time and on budget but create a personalized experience for your clients to encourage more business with your marketing firm.

Your Project Management System

It’s difficult to grow your marketing agency without a system that creates a predictable result for your client projects.  It will always be a bottleneck to ultimate growth.

Learn what it means to build a custom system for your own business using and partnering with AscendWorks.  We start with a complimentary initial consultation to help understand your requirements and give you clarity on what needs to be done.  Schedule a complimentary consultation by clicking here.  We look forward to helping.

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