AOP Productivity Seminar

This area is for the Alabama Organizing Project attendees of the ZeroInbox Productivity seminar.

We spent time learning about how to manage your incoming email and using strategies to make decisions to close loops. I hope these will be habits that help you towards higher levels of success.

This page will also act as a resource to help you review elements of the seminar in order to help you tailor the approach of email productivity to your specific work area.

ZeroInbox Productivity Presentation:


  • Productivity Articles: You can find plenty of articles to help you refine your approach to productivity by clicking here.
    I write regularly about strategies and tips to manage both personal workflow and group collaboration.
  • ZeroInbox workflow: A cheat sheet which was handed out to help remind you of what to do with your email and keep a ZeroInbox.
  • ZeroInbox Book: This is my book on working in the new economy and managing your inboxes and life for control and peace of mind.
  • Personal Productivity Coaching: If you would like personal coaching, accountability or systems to help you with your productivity, you can click here to learn more.
  • Group collaboration workshops and seminars: If you would like to explore how to help your organization run more efficiently click here to contact me.
  • Set up on Google Apps: For a branded email such as, using Google Apps to manage your email and work is the leading solution. It will also increase your email productivity because of the speed of interacting with your email and the ease of saving and searching your archives. You can learn more by clicking here.
  • Tracking emails: If you are on the Google Apps system use this tool here to track email opens. This is important for accountability and responses in addition to your Waiting action folder.

If you have any other questions regarding this seminar or would like to leave some comments about how you felt it helped you, feel free to Contact Me.

I appreciate your desire to grow and I wish you much success increasing your productivity.

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