Consult Stakeholders for Requirements Definition

When you have to deliver on requirements definition for technology and software projects, it is critical that you consider all the stakeholders involved for their input, buy-in and consideration. This includes: If you design and drive requirements alone, you may be missing both overt and nuanced requirements that may be costly to fix later. Furthermore,Continue reading “Consult Stakeholders for Requirements Definition”

Using Gmail as a Simple CRM Tool

For individuals and small teams that may not require the collaboration and power of or the many other CRM solutions on the market, you can retain speed, simplicity and discipline with your sales and relationships using Gmail and G Suite. Much of the efficiency of using Gmail as a CRM comes from habits andContinue reading “Using Gmail as a Simple CRM Tool”

Managing Projects and Tasks in Gmail

There are a lot of project management tools out there (Basecamp, Monday, Trello, Asana, etc.) And many can be a great fit for sophisticated project management workflow for teams. The collaboration, task management and record keeping structure can be helpful. However, there’s a lot of friction also when it comes to using a whole otherContinue reading “Managing Projects and Tasks in Gmail”

Don’t Start A Business Until You Do This

When you don’t know what to do or have an idea that you want to build a business around, I would inject restraint. There are more things against you than for you. And the downside risk of your business idea being successful is much higher than the upside dream. I like Derek Sivers’ principle: “Don’tContinue reading “Don’t Start A Business Until You Do This”

Brainstorm Your Next Step

Opening up more options is always a better thing than limiting your choices. However, this takes some time and, I would argue, brainstorming works better in collaboration than alone. Working with someone else helps stimulate your thinking. When I brainstorm an option, I like to pull out visual tools. A Google Sheet for working financialContinue reading “Brainstorm Your Next Step”

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