What Really Happens in Success

I just got out of a team meeting where our development team’s last quarter of hard work, under the surface, got to be displayed and communicated. The whole team was able to see what was happening in the background and the many hours of thinking, hard work and testing that produced new features ready forContinue reading “What Really Happens in Success”

Empire Building and Diminishing Returns

The law of diminishing returns is critical to think about for empire builders and deal makers. I think about this concept a lot because you can overstay your contribution. There are people that work on the first part of the curve well. They visioneer, design, set up and create strategy, systems, structure and opportunity. WhenContinue reading “Empire Building and Diminishing Returns”

Building KPI Scorecards

When teams grow, the management of details, priorities and people can become unwieldy. Knowing what problems to prioritize and address can easily become a blur. Thus, building KPI scorecards built on specific execution that roll up to results has to be designed and implemented as part of the management process. Here is how to makeContinue reading “Building KPI Scorecards”

You Can’t Take the Thinking Out of Knowledge Work

“Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably the reason why so few engage in it.” – Henry Ford We have a lot of uncertainty around us, especially during these COVID times. What was normal, is now obsolete or transformed. The pandemic ushered in new business models and efficiencies. And for the knowledgeContinue reading “You Can’t Take the Thinking Out of Knowledge Work”

How to Protect Your Entrepreneurial Downside

It truly is a jungle out there. Regardless of your good intentions, there is much uncertainty and unknowns in the course of building businesses. I know many entrepreneurs that strictly focus on the top line and driving revenue. Sometimes, this intense focus precludes worrying about the details that might chip away at one’s winnings. It’sContinue reading “How to Protect Your Entrepreneurial Downside”