Building a Coaching Practice



Building a business coaching practice can be a fulfilling and strategic approach to help entrepreneurs, owners and business executives with your expertise and knowledge.

I have spent thousands of hours coaching business professionals and the ability to create clarity, make decisions and get to actions is extremely high leverage and exciting when you are a part of someone’s journey to grow their business.

You may also have found yourself drawn to conversations of coaching business owners, executives and entrepreneurs and want to understand how to:

  • Build a sales process for attracting and retaining clients
  • Create a business coaching process and approach which is valuable to clients
  • Develop a set of tools, systems and processes that will work in your business client collaboration
  • Learn to retain clients over a long period of time
  • Present yourself and set up your coaching practice with positioning
  • Avoid problems and failure in the business coaching relationship
  • Grow and build the one key asset which is required in long-term client relationships

Business coaching is not for everyone. It is a privileged place in a business owner and executive’s system that requires your talent, hard work and vested interests in your coaching client’s personality and goals.

Like any business, coaching requires assets and an approach which is replicable and can scale over time. If you would like to explore retaining me as your business coach to help you build a coaching practice, feel free to fill out the form below and let’s connect to discuss doing business together.

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